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Rare Earth Metals International - Strategy

REM International

REM International is a mineral exploration and production company with a commitment to discover, develop and produce from Rare Earth Mineral sites throughout the Pacific Ocean. REM International was founded on the principals of innovation and efficiency. We have at our disposal the latest technology tools in deep sea exploration and robotics, and along with a surface fleet that incorporates the latest milling processes, REM International can achieve exceptionally high rare earth recovery rates.

REM International has mining interests in both the Okinawa trough which lies to the northwest of Okinawa Island and off of the Izu Islands south of Tokyo bay. REM International geologists were also recently a part of an exploration of over 78 sites across the Pacific Ocean which concluded that more than 100 billion tons of rare earth minerals reside in the soft mud of the Pacific floor.

The Japanese Natural Resources and Energy Agency has, over the last few years, placed a focus on increasing Japan’s production of rare earth metals, offering development grants and exploration concessions in both the Okinawa Trough and around the Izu Islands. Both areas are highly active volcanic regions with rare earth producing hydrothermal vent systems.

REM International’s growth strategy is to bring its technological assets to bare and develop its Okinawa Trough and Izu Island fields to full production and cash flow by early 2013. REM International intends to operate in a manner that is both environmentally and socially responsible, adding value to all shareholders.

Once commercial extraction is underway in the Okinawa Trough and Izu Islands fields, REM International will ramp up its exploration and analysis phase of its Pacific Ocean sites. REM International scientists estimate that over 100 billion tons of rare earth minerals sit in the soft muds scattered around hydro-thermal vent sites across the Pacific Ocean.

Using the pioneering deep water exploration and robotic techniques that REM International has developed for the exploration of its Okinawan and Izu sites, and perfected through the development and production phases, REM International hopes to turn a deepwater site to a producing concern within months of the analysis identifying the appropriate field.