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Rare Earth Metals International - Responsibility

REM International

REM International, as an emerging producer of the rare earth elements that modern technologies depend on, are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible entity. REM International believes that a firm commitment and strategic approach to corporate social responsibility are vital to managing the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly shifting global environment.

REM International is ready to commit the human and monetary resources required to provide the policy framework, procedures, practices and the transparent reporting necessary to achieve and maintain the sustainable performance levels we have set and develop our reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible company.

REM International is fully committed to the principals of sustainable development and embraces our social and environmental responsibility. We contribute our part by developing and utilizing the latest in innovative exploration and robotic tools to maximize the resources we mine, to reduce any resulting adverse effects and by seeking opportunities to augment economic, social and environmental benefits.

REM International will continue to seek ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations through:

• A focus on reduction and recycling as much as possible to minimize the levels of waste returned to the environment.

• Reducing the consumption of natural resources and improving energy efficiency.

• Development and deployment of programs that will actively reduce the carbon footprint of our business.

• A focus on protection and restoration of natural biodiversity.

• Maintaining the highest standards of controls to prevent or minimize any and all forms of spills.

• A policy of transparency with regulators, our workforce and communities about our practices and any incidents that occur