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REM International

REM International is a mineral exploration and production company with a commitment to discover, develop and produce from Rare Earth Mineral sites throughout the Pacific Ocean. REM International has a focus on innovative, state of the art technology in its exploration, analysis and mining of mineral sites, utilizing the latest advances in undersea robotics.

REM International has mining interests in both the Okinawa trough which lies to the northwest of Okinawa Island and off of the Izu Islands south of Tokyo bay. REM International geologists were also recently a part of an exploration of over 78 sites across the Pacific Ocean which concluded that more than 100 billion tons of rare earth minerals reside in the soft mud of the Pacific floor.

The Japanese Natural Resources and Energy Agency has, over the last few years, placed a focus on increasing Japan’s production of rare earth metals, offering development grants and exploration concessions in both the Okinawa Trough and around the Izu Islands. Both areas are highly active volcanic regions with rare earth producing hydrothermal vent systems.

Explorative studies carried out by REM International scientists have shown the lease areas to be economically viable and rich in rare earth minerals and monazite, gadolinite, apatite and cerite ores in particular.

REM International has the latest in undersea exploration and robotics available and has pioneered tools and procedures that we believe will give REM International an advantage in extracting these resources. Robots are used to identify and break up mineral deposits and to guide the vacuum pumps to raise the ore to our surface vessels where it is processed. Waste water is then pumped back to the sea floor, to areas away from the hydrothermal vents in order to minimize any environmental damage.

REM International has carried out a number of test mining programs throughout the Okinawa Trough and Izu Islands and hopes to have its first commercial extraction under way before the end of the first quarter of 2013. From our sites in both of these locations, REM International hopes to be bringing over 3,000 tons of rare earth metals to market each year from 2016 onwards, with further growth possible.

Once commercial extraction is underway in the Okinawa Trough and Izu Islands fields, REM International will ramp up its exploration and analysis phase of its Pacific Ocean sites. It is estimated that over 100 billion tons of rare earth minerals sits in the soft mud scattered around hydrothermal vent sites around the Pacific Ocean.

Using the pioneering deep water exploration and robotic techniques that REM International developed for the exploration of its Okinawan and Izu sites, and perfected through the development and production phases, REM International hopes to turn a deepwater site to a producing concern within months of the analysis identifying the appropriate field.